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How changing your energy will change your life

Words by Belinda Davidson In May of 2015 I spoke at a Soul Sister Circle event. We had a full-house and it was fabulous to share the live space with so many women. In the video below, (part one of my talk), I talk about my childhood and early teen years and explain what it was like being born between both worlds. I also share how I managed to move from dark to light, and how in doing so, I discovered my life’s purpose. In part two of my talk, I explain how the chakras work and why you … Continue reading

What do you need to be happy?

Words by Angela Simson The Gratitude Project There has been a little bit of a theme in my life right now.  People (friends, family and clients) are all telling me EXACTLY what they require in life to be happy.  Listing it off, either as goals or aspirations.  Like a mental check list that needs to be completed before they can relax into life and really be happy. Things like: weight loss a wedding proposal from a lazy boyfriend that promotion at work And this is all well and good.  I love goals, I believe it’s amazing to have aspirations and … Continue reading

Emma Mildon – A Guide to Crystals

Curious about all things gemstones and crystals? Of quartz you are! Every self-respecting Soul Sister or Soul Searcher will own at least one crystal in some shape of form. A ring, a mala, that weird stone you found but always kept… they all have a meaning, an energy, a healing property, or frequency. So what crystals can you use for what symptoms, and where do you start? I hear ya. When I started exploring crystals, the science behind which one I brought was simple… ‘Shiny!’ For those of you keen to explore crystals with a video guide, check out my … Continue reading

Julie Parker – Divine Feminine Business

I know that – like me – you have probably chosen to start your own business because you desired more freedom and to make a difference in the lives of others. I feel you sister. And I see you too. This path of being our own boss lady is freeing and meaningful, but it also comes with mixed messages about what it takes to be truly successful too. In the seemingly cutthroat world of business you could be forgiven for thinking that if you’re not ‘hustling’ or ‘busting your butt’ all the time, then you’re never going to get the … Continue reading

How To Lead An Exciting Life Without Quitting Your Job Or Using Your Passport

By Meg O’Sullivan Life can seem pretty damn monotonous sometimes. If you are working the 9 till 5, following the same routine everyday it’s not uncommon for your existence to seem, well,… like an endless drudgery. Annual holidays abroad may help you to escape this sense of captivity. But such freedom usually proves to be fleeting, as the return to routine invites a new bout of monotony. We live life making plans, following routines and setting schedules. As a consequence our days can begin to meld into one. Life can get to feeling a little dull.  However, often our society calls for such routines and plans. … Continue reading

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