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Harnessing Your Intuitive Insight As Guidance

Featuring insights from teacher, writer and guide on all-things intuition and energy, Lauren Aletta from Inner Hue. When you are able to tune into your intuition in a real way, it can provide valuable insight and guidance to help pave your way forward. Being able to listen to intuitive messages helps to build deeper levels of self-trust, self-belief and courage; which subsequently provides you with confidence and inspires courageous aligned action. There are, however, some things you need to be aware of when developing your intuition. “For me, it’s been exciting to see more and more people grow interested in … Continue reading

Living A More Intentional, Soul Aligned Life

5 common mistakes people make when setting goals + expert tips on how to create powerful intentions that lead to soul aligned action, fulfilment and ease. Featuring insights from Keri Krieger, Sydney Campos, Megan Dalla-Camina, Emma Mildon and Helen Jacobs. It’s almost a condition of the world we live in today to mould ourselves to fit society. We spend our precious time each day — for many of us, it has been from day dot — setting our goals to fit within systems and structures created by others, leading to years of discontent and unease from misdirection and misaligned actions. … Continue reading

Lauren Aletta

There is something about this women… I can’t quite put my finger on it… We’ve never actually met, yet there is a definite connection between us… It’s subtle but strong and I just know that you’re going to love her too. Who is this divinely gorgeous intuitive goddess? Meet Lauren Aletta from Inner Hue A radiant soul with a gypsy heart, committed to re-connecting you with your inner self, your ‘Inner Hue’ so that you may learn the language of your soul and create a life in complete alignment with who you truly are. Soul Sister Circle chats to Lauren about intuition, overcoming fear … Continue reading