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Building Strong Inner Foundations

The importance of establishing strong inner foundations on which to build a joyful, abundant and fulfilled life. Featuring insights from Women’s Empowerment Coach, Sally Jane Douglas. Sister, you are being called on a journey—to build upon your inner foundations for strength, abundance and joy. Your inner foundations are your internal emotional and spiritual core from which you create and experience life. When these foundations are strong, your worth is not conditional to anything happening outside of you. It provides you with a solid, deep-rooted knowing which you can confidently rely on to guide you through life, and help you cope … Continue reading

Our Conscious Christmas Gift Guide

Our Soul Sister Conscious Christmas Gift Guide. We all know that Christmas is just aroud the corner and of course sometimes it’s hard to decide what to get your loved ones to them to show your love and gratitude. I have always loved getting something from smaller businesses, something with a personal touch, something that holds a little magic… a little extra love from one to another. We thought it would be a fun idea to share with you all some of our favourite Christmas Gift ideas for all of our Soul Sister’s out there and show you just how … Continue reading

Are you diminishing your success?

It took months of battling personal limitations, shedding self-imposed expectations and one giant dose of faith to surrender to the call and start Soul Sister Circle. This in itself was massive cause for celebration, however, there was no time for that, the first Soul Sister Circle event was just a little over one month away. With no previous event experience and armed with a vision and nothing more, I sprung into action to create an evening that would later be described as “Ignite was one soulful night of connection and sisterhood like nothing I have ever experienced before. When I walked … Continue reading

How To Lead An Exciting Life Without Quitting Your Job Or Using Your Passport

By Meg O’Sullivan Life can seem pretty damn monotonous sometimes. If you are working the 9 till 5, following the same routine everyday it’s not uncommon for your existence to seem, well,… like an endless drudgery. Annual holidays abroad may help you to escape this sense of captivity. But such freedom usually proves to be fleeting, as the return to routine invites a new bout of monotony. We live life making plans, following routines and setting schedules. As a consequence our days can begin to meld into one. Life can get to feeling a little dull.  However, often our society calls for such routines and plans. … Continue reading

Life lessons from my toddler

My daughter is 20 months old today and it has dawned on me that despite her apparent lack of life experience, she is actually much, much wiser than I previously gave her credit. Today, while I busied myself with emails, errands, business development, laundry and shopping, Indie was content to explore her world, in the present moment. As I rushed my way through my to-do list, I realised that most of the items on the list involved thinking about and/or planning for the future. I sent emails to set up appointments that will happen in the future. I worked on my … Continue reading