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Everything in Divine Time

For many months now I have had this sense that the Spring Equinox (23rd September) was going to be an important date for Soul Sister Circle. I meditated on it, sat with pen at the ready waiting for the inspiration to come through thinking it would mark another luxurious Soul Sister Gathering but when nothing came to me I made the assumption that, this time, my gut feeling meant nothing. Lesson 1: Gut feelings never mean nothing! Over the past few weeks I have been extremely busy with seemingly back-to-back personal and professional commitments. I have worked tirelessly on the … Continue reading

Are you diminishing your success?

It took months of battling personal limitations, shedding self-imposed expectations and one giant dose of faith to surrender to the call and start Soul Sister Circle. This in itself was massive cause for celebration, however, there was no time for that, the first Soul Sister Circle event was just a little over one month away. With no previous event experience and armed with a vision and nothing more, I sprung into action to create an evening that would later be described as “Ignite was one soulful night of connection and sisterhood like nothing I have ever experienced before. When I walked … Continue reading