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Have Your Say

    Across the world, millions of women are experiencing a deep soul stirring. A calling to reclaim their power and realise their fullest potential. As the global consciousness expands, we are individually being guided to release what no longer serves us, heal old wounds and step into greater alignment with our own unique truth. The journey of coming home to ourselves requires commitment, curiosity and a tonne of support. It can be confronting as we bring awareness to those parts of ourselves that are hiding out and playing small, and we can be triggered as we work to reinvent … Continue reading

Emma Kate

I introduce to you the sweet souled Emma Kate, who is a designer, blogger, author, world adventurer, and founder of the Emma Kate Co. stationery/lifestyle brand and design studio. With her lighthearted and whimsy designs, Emma Kate is in the business of making days all over the planet – for customers, virtual visitors, creative clients, and everyone in between. With heart-crafted brush strokes and splashes of bright colour, her fresh, one-of-a-kind works inspire unbridled freedom, unabashed love, and unforgettable kindness. Soul Sister Circle chats to Emma about her love for typography, the wanderlust gene and what life is like jet setting … Continue reading

How To Lead An Exciting Life Without Quitting Your Job Or Using Your Passport

By Meg O’Sullivan Life can seem pretty damn monotonous sometimes. If you are working the 9 till 5, following the same routine everyday it’s not uncommon for your existence to seem, well,… like an endless drudgery. Annual holidays abroad may help you to escape this sense of captivity. But such freedom usually proves to be fleeting, as the return to routine invites a new bout of monotony. We live life making plans, following routines and setting schedules. As a consequence our days can begin to meld into one. Life can get to feeling a little dull.  However, often our society calls for such routines and plans. … Continue reading