In an office nestled on the fringe of Auckland City in New Zealand, Emma and Bec met for the very first time. It was a meeting that bypassed the usual frivolity of ‘getting to know you’ and cut straight to finishing one another’s sentences and sharing innermost thoughts, fears and desires.

A lot has happened since that fateful meeting many moons ago and the Universe brought Emma and Bec back together to share their experiences and help attendees to find their voice, tune into their unique frequency and broadcast their message to the world.

Speakers: Emma Mildon, Author, Speaker and Spiritual PA and Bec Van Leeuwen, Founder of Soul Sister Circle

Photography: Klee Photography || Venue: BSKT Cafe Loft || Catering: BSKT Cafe 

Event Sponsors: Lemon Canary || Raw Beauty || Sandstorm Magazine || Essence Of Living || Crystal Creek Flowers