KINFOLK FESTIVAL is a soul nourishing one-day event designed to re-ignite the Goddess within.  The experience will strengthen your connection with the endless wisdom & infinite power that resides inside you.

Nestled between a mystical forest and a winding creek, KINFOLK FESTIVAL will transport you to a place of serene wholeness.  Here you will feel safe to explore & express yourself freely, rejoicing in an open celebration of higher consciousness, the divine feminine & the power of sisterhood.

Our expert guides will take you on a tranformative & fun journey inward, gently opening your heart, expanding your consciousness and assisting you to unwrap the hidden gifts waiting within.

Photography: Eyes Of Love Photography || Venue: Attunga Park Country Retreat || Catering: Yummbox || Beverages: Sol Cleanse || Event Styling: Edee & Mildred

Workshops by: Violet Gray || Inner Hue || Distinctive Blooms || Susana Frioni

Event Partners: Olive & Joy || Rainbow Tipi’s || DJ Warehouse