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As a committed yoga practitioner, holistic health coach and mum to 2 beautiful young ladies, Heidi lives and breathes the teachings of yoga throughout every aspect of her life. Heidi’s teaching is a balance between a traditional practice and an individual style, mirroring her personality; playful, open-minded, nurturing and calm. She guides her students through their practice with a gentle strength and an open heart. Heidi remains a humble student of yoga and celebrates with gratitude and love each opportunity to share her practice with her students.

We talk to Heidi about small changes, health and slowing down.

SSC: Can you share with us a little about how you came to be doing your work?

Heidi: I hit rock bottom around 5 years ago, stressed out, highly strung and exhausted from putting crazy pressure on myself for so many years to be the perfect everything…the perfect mum, wife, employee, house keeper, friend, relative etc etc.

I started to experience adrenal fatigue resulting in intense anxiety and panic attacks for a period of approx 2 years. During this time simple daily living was a real challenge…and there were times I felt like I couldn’t go on feeling that way a moment longer, I quickly realised that the only person that could truly help me was me.

I needed to do the inner and outer work to get through this challenge and come out the other side shinier than ever. So with the support and guidance of my kinesiologist and aromatherapy massage therapist, I started my transformation process gradually making adjustments to my diet, mindset and way of life, slowly shifting my perception to prioritise my self care above everything else. The more I slowed down, got more sleep,  cleaned up my diet, journaled, meditated and did yoga the better I felt.

During this time I also realised that my current career in the corporate world was no longer serving me and felt quite out of alignment with my truth so I begun a journey to discover what it was that truly lit me up and inspired passion in me..after exploring the fashion industry, yoga teacher training and a few synchronicities later I came across IIN and immediately resonated with it. 2.5 years and many inner and outer transformations later and here I am a healthy, happy Holistic Health Coach and committed yoga practitioner!

SSC: Why is it so important to implement small changes?

Heidi: Each small change is one step further towards living your truth and living in alignment with your hearts true desires body, mind and soul. It’s so important for your transformation process to make small changes gradually so you can then integrate them into your life with ease and grace ultimately leading to permanent, positive change.

SSC: If you could go back in time, what would you say to yourself four years ago when you were living your ‘perfect life’ and trying to do it all?

Heidi : The most important aspect of your life is your health and happiness, if you aren’t thriving in these key areas of your life nothing else works. When you choose yourself and make self care a priority everything else also flows and thrives.

SSC: What tips/advice can you share with others to help them reconnect with themselves to slow down?

Heidi: Start your day with a morning ritual including meditation, journaling, yoga or a form of movement that lights you up, time in nature/sunshine/salt water. When you start your day in this way your vibration is at it’s best and you are connected to your essence and less likely to feel reactive and stressed. Also dedicate some time each day to do what you love whether that’s painting, self development, cooking, writing, reading, yoga, dancing, singing, playing an instrument…whatever lights you up and makes you feel alive.


SSC:  How can a busy woman make self-care a priority while juggling work and family etc.?

Heidi: Get to bed as early as possible so you can rise an hour or two before the family to have sacred space and time for your morning ritual/spiritual practice/exercise etc, share household duties with each member of the family (if the kids are old enough) so that everyone shares the chores or alternatively and if finances allow outsource the house work which will free up some time for you. Also let go of having the perfectly cleaned house, looking after your health and happiness is more important.

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