How changing your energy will change your life

Words by Belinda Davidsonbelinda-davidson-blog

In May of 2015 I spoke at a Soul Sister Circle event. We had a full-house and it was fabulous to share the live space with so many women.

In the video below, (part one of my talk), I talk about my childhood and early teen years and explain what it was like being born between both worlds. I also share how I managed to move from dark to light, and how in doing so, I discovered my life’s purpose.

In part two of my talk, I explain how the chakras work and why you must work on them if you want a marvellous life. I then get some women on stage and do live chakra readings!

In white light and love,


somm044-copyBelinda Davidson is a medical intuitive, writer and speaker.

She is also the creator of School of the Modern Mystic,
a world-class, online teaching facility that teaches people
how to create an exceptional life and discover their purpose.

Belinda is often described as a spiritual change agent and
thought leader for her generation. But she feels most comfortable
being called a modern mystic, because she is, as she describes,
“A modern-day woman with one foot in this world and
one foot in another.”

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